Having enjoyed the creative sharing at Stroud Out Loud over several years, I really wanted to see if a similar event could run in Swindon to get together the various creative communities active in the town.  With the blessing and encouragement of the founder of Stroud Out Loud, I set about putting the event that would become Wonderwords into motion.

With several wordy events going on during the year, I wanted Wonderwords to be something different, to champion the oral tradition which doesn’t seem to be as prevalent as the written these days.  To that end, Wonderwords encourages wordsmiths to perform from memory rather than from a piece of paper or high-tech equivalent.

When putting together the events, not only did it feel important to have a creative forum for all wordsmiths in and around Swindon, but it felt important to support the local community resources that we are so lucky to have but at risk of losing if they are not used.  To that end, it was with great joy that Wonderwords has found its home in venues managed by the Mechanics Institution Trust who preserve many of Swindon’s historical gems.

Wonderwords is first and foremost a place for people who love the magic and wonder in words to come together and share their wordy creativity and is not-for-profit (I don’t make any money from it).  The small entry fee is charged to pay for the hire of the venue i.e. the maintenance of buildings important to Swindon’s heritage and, if there’s any spare, to pay for such things as posters to advertise the events.

The stage is set, the lights are on, the kettle’s brewing.  Now all that’s needed are the performers and that I will have to leave up to all of you.

With Best Wishes,
(Founder of Wonderwords)